What is RSVP?

People send invites and receive payments on our platform. You could choose to collect cash gifts for your wedding, raise money for your favourite charity or simply sell a used car. We make this possible through special accounts we call "crowds", they'll help you collaborate safely.

So you want to start something?

You're an Organizer!

Signup & create a crowd

This could be an occasion, a donation pool, an event, an invoice or an online store.

See also: What is a Crowd?

Verify how you get paid

We'll make payments directly to your bank account. Anywhere in the world.

Invite people. Share your crowd

Safely collect on gifts, donations, tickets, sale items or payments.

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Responding to an invite?

You're a Supporter!

Sign up & go to the crowd

That's the occasion, donation pool, event, invoice or online store.

See also: What is a Crowd?

Click on the RSVP button

Get the low-down on what you're responding to.

Authenticate payments & RSVP!

Safely give, pay or buy. Easy!

See also: How safe are my Crowds?

What we do for you

RSVP protects people on both sides of a transaction




Collaborate with one or many people at once. We've got just the tools you need to keep a group engaged.

Safety First. Always

Keep some some projects private if you choose. Know everyone you collaborate with is verified and your financial info is shielded.

Don't like it? Don't pay.

Get your money or goods back if something goes wrong. Before the crowd's due date, flag or contact support for help.