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The Summer Leadership School is a free programme for teenagers. With an enriched curriculum, it is set to awaken the leaders in the young.

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C.I.T.Y is an acronym for Catch & Inspire Them Young

The C.I.T.Y Summer Leadership School is organised by The Eagles' HOPE Charity Foundation aka H.O.P.E (Helping Other People Excel), the charity and community development initiative of the Covenant University Alumni Association. Over the past three years, we have engaged over 500 volunteers and scores of corporate partners to reach over 7,000 teenagers with our award-winning leadership development programmes.

In 2012, at the maiden edition, we accepted 300 teenagers and 80 volunteers for a free residential summer camp that spanned ten days (Download C.I.T.Y Camp 2014 Report ). This year, we have decided to scale up the impact of the summer program from one location to 4 locations (1,000 participants, 200 Volunteers for 10 days).
Your generous donations would enable us to offer this free life-transforming leadership training to the young leaders of our society. Remember that 50% of Nigerians are below the age of 18 years- help us Catch & Inspire Them Young...

Why We Should Collaborate

The program would be done in 4 location in Nigeria: Lagos, Ota, Ibadan and Abuja. Each location would require the following items below; which would amount to N3,000,000, making a total of N12,000,000 (4 locations).


Venue (N200,000), Feeding (N1,000,000), Transportation -in state (N12,000), Fuel (N10,000), Bulk SMS (N3,000), Workshop (N15,000), Training materials (N51,150), Campers Workbook (N875,000), ID Cards (N30,000), Back drop (N25,000), Roll up banner (N24,000), Posters (N6,000), Brochure (10,000), Certificates of attendance (N22,500), Plaques for sponsor (N150,000), Shirts (N600,000), Community Project (N50,000), Accommodation for select volunteers (50,000), First aid (N10,000), Miscellaneous (N30,000).

  • Upon the completion of this program, a detailed report would be provided, and an audited account of funds would be publicised.
  • Daily update from all locations would be shared on social media for all to see the progress per day.
  • Your donation would be used to purchase the items listed above, which will be instrumental to the success of the Leadership school.

The Impact Of Our Collaboration...


  • The 2014 edition of the Residential Camp ran from Saturday, July 26th 2014 to Sunday, August 3rd , 2014.We hosted 200 teenagers between the age brackets of 13 –18 years (inclusive). These students came from private and public schools, as well as other youth-centred institutions such as youth correctional facilities and faith-based institutions.. The theme of CITY 2014 Camp was “The Leadership Revival II".
  • We believe that people are key to the development of every home, every society and every nation. This world needs leaders, not necessarily those who occupy position of power, but who have uncovered their gifts, talents, mastered self and are geared towards positive contributions to the lives of others.
  • Pictures of previous programs here!

THIS YEAR (2015)

  • The C.I.T.Y. Summer Leadership School 2015 is a free leadership program organized for the future leaders of Nigeria, the teenagers (13-18 years). This non-residential program is scheduled to hold in four (4) locations; Abuja, Lagos, Ota, and Ibadan (All in Nigeria).Date: 5th - 15th of August, 2015. Time: 9am - 4pm daily.
  • With an enriched curriculum, the program is set to inspire the young ones, and to awaken the leaders in them- all in a bid to engender a sustainable societal change in all communities in Nigeria.

Spread The Word!

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has". - Margaret Mead

You have the power in your hands to change the world. Join H.O.P.E foundation in her cause to help other people excel. Let's address the leadership issue in our Country Nigeria.

Donate, share with friends and family - Change the world