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Hope For The Old. Free Feeding For Elderly People.

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By Winix Hope for the Old
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HFTO provides care, counselling and provision for needy elderly people.

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Winix Hope For The Old Foundation.

We are a humanitarian, privately run foundation was registered in September 2012 with a desire to champion the cause of the elderly; and to give them hope in their old age.

Hope for the old is a non-religious and non-partisan humanitarian organization, the centre has been helping in the area of feeding, clothing, counselling, free eye tests, procurement of eye glasses, and payment of rents and medical bills of some of these dear ones.

On May 1st 2014, We started the weekly free feeding of needy elderly people in the Alimosho Local Government area of lagos state, which is the largest in lagos state. On that early public holiday morning, we had only four elderly people in the hall and all of them were well fed but as of today, we have a total of a hundred and fifty people coming weekly and these numbers are still increasing.

Hunger kills more people every year than Malaria, A.I.D.S, and tuberculosis combined. Unlike the younger ones, a number of these people are not able to make a living any more due to un-employability and other challenges, which is why we started the 1,1,1,4 community , 1 thousand naira on the first of every month will feed one old person 4 times in a month.

I used that word 'community' because that's what this initiative is, it's a pledge between the person contributing and one old person monthly. Up until now this foundation has been privately funded, feeding and catering for these people, but there’s so much we can do on our own. Everything in life works better when there's a collaboration between two or more people and we believe that with your help, we can reach more people and do much more.

Old age is a blessing we'll all experience by God's grace.

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Please spread the word and hit the share button. Give someone a chance to be a blessing.

Thank you and God bless you.

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